Genova, an emotion at the first sight
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Genova Inspiring City

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Genova, an emotion at the first sight

“Genova, dove si entra dai tetti delle case e si esce giù per le strade ripide, labirintica come un bosco, è la mia migliore musa. Tutte le volte che esco dall’ascensore del quartiere di Castelletto e guardo fuori mi stupisco, perché vedo sempre qualcosa di nuovo”

Emanuele Luzzati (3 June 1921 – 26 January 2007) – Genoese painter, production designer, illustrator, film director and animator.

Is a living city, where elegant shops, historic shops, lively open-air market offer continual surprises to the most demanding tourist.

Experience Genova is also discover the several souls that compose it.

The nineteeth century neighborhood, the fishermen and vacation villages in the East and in the West part, with houses and picturesque glimpses, and the ones in the hinterland, with their untouched traditions.

The stage images and the views, appreciated also as film set, are the frame for an intense cultural life: unique museums, great theatrical and musical tradition, important exhibitions and great international shows, such as Euroflora and International Boat Show.

The city of Aquarium offers a lot of activities to whom love the sea: equipped beaches, water sports.